Direct Service

The client should have the best of both worlds. That is, the benefit of

  • immediate access to decades of strategic and tactical experience;
  • an in-house media and information service.


You communicate competence by being competent. Being able to speak directly is a good start.


External support

External advice should be invisible

  • Given with the benefit of distance;
  • Bringing wide experience;
  • With thorough knowledge of how print, broadcast and social media work;
  • Knowing how governments, administrations, political processes operate;
  • With imaginative, forward-looking understanding of the dynamics of public opinion;

… so that you are heard as you will want to be heard.


In-house service.

An in-house press and information officer is always more credible than a hired outsider.

Through initial training – and then being always to hand – Peter White equips a member of the client’s staff to:

  • Speak to the world through the media;
  • Manage events;
  • Generate photo-opportunities;
  • Understand the mechanics of press relations;
  • Issue statements and responses;
  • Deal with governments and their agencies.