The Service

Strategic Service

  • Identify target audiences;
  • Determine how these audiences currently perceive you;
  • Use market research for practical ends;
  • Look into the medium term to identify achievable goals;
  • Position you so that external factors work to your benefit;
  • Develop a realistic “picture” of how you want to be perceived;
  • Use this “end image” to generate particular messages for your targets.


Tactical Service

  • Being to hand to assist key staff deal with media matters;
  • Identifying how best to maximise impact of issues you are promoting;
  • Minimising negative comment;
  • Presenting complicated issues so that others will understand them as you want them to be understood;
  • Drafting of press releases so that they meet the needs of all media;
  • Systematic training programmes to assist your personnel improve their skills and their knowledge of how the media operates;
  • General training for broadcast media;
  • Giving “dry runs” before any particular TV or radio interview;
  • Assisting with key speeches, reports.